”Flying Seeds” in Sweden ご報告 6/28
”Flying Seeds” in Sweden
92名の記憶する足形について 田村陽子
緑色の実験 2021 at ギャラリー創(SOU)にて
緑色の実験 2021 at ギャラリー創(SOU) 田村陽子個展のお知らせ
緑色の実験 2021 at to ov cafe / gallery 田村陽子個展のお知らせ
空間を彩るタペストリー展 2019
ガクノキオク at sur-murs 元代々木
CASE GALLERY 90名の記憶する足形
告知:90名の記憶する足形 Yoko Tamura Exhibition
50 people Sapporo Artists Join Exhibition at 2017
Harukayama Art Fort 2017-Final Cut-Present from Harukayama
Match Box Art Exhibition Japan 北の燐寸 アート展 2016
HOPE REPORT-記憶する足形 foot-shapes that evoke memories in 2015 at Korea
The 3rd Sapporo 500m Gallery Award-Yoko Tamura-foot shapes that evoke memories-
Tsu tsu mi tsu tsu つつみつつ
Harukayama Art Fort 2011
Yoko Tamura & Reo Fujisawa 2010
Yoko Tamura Exihibition in 2009-74 persons’foot-shapes that evoke memories-
HOKKAIDO THREE-DIMENSIONAL ART ’08-64 persons’ foot shapes that evoke memories-
Yoko Tamura Exhibition in 2006-50 persons’foot-shapes that evoke memories-
4人展 「包むもの・包まれるもの」2005
Yoko Tamura Fiber Art Exihibition 2002-untitled-
Relation Yubari Joint Exhibition 2002
Yoko Tamura Exihibition-Untitled-2002
Hokkaido Abstract Artists Association Joint Exhibition in 2002
NINE Box Joint Exhibition at Beautiful hills art gallery in 2002
野外オブジェ展イン栗沢 2001
Tamura Yoko’s Exihibition-Untitled-Sapporo museum mini gallery in 1999
Ground at Kanbetsu ART Joint Exhibition in 1999
Tamura Yoko’s Exihibition-Untitled-1999
Tamura Yoko’s Work-FIBER-1997
May 1995 The Joint Felt’s exhibition Yoko Tamura & Ema Tamura